Why HNWI and Institutional Investors Should Buy Gold with Crypto

With central banks now embarking on unlimited money printing, fiat currencies now appear to be a less and less attractive asset class.  Negative bank rates are actively encouraging HNWI and institutional investors to seek out assets that will protect their wealth.  Gold and crypto are lined up to benefit most from negative bank rates, and this article will explain why you should Buy Gold with Crypto.

Unlimited Money Printing Leads to Inflation

The Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell recently admitted that the Fed has ‘simply flooded the system with money’ and when asked where the money comes from, he stated ‘we print it digitally’.  So with the fed now recklessly adding zero after zero to their balance sheet many HNWI and institutional investors are rightly panicking.

HNWI and Institutional Investors are Seeking Out New Assets

Traditionally gold has served as the first-choice inflation hedge. With a 2000-year history of wealth preservation most family offices and HNWI have used gold wealth preservation to secure their wealth for the long term. In recent years cryptocurrencies, led by Bitcoin, have offered HNWI and institutional investors an alternative to gold as an inflation hedge. The advent of Switzerland crypto cold storage services has brought into crypto many HNWI and institutional investors who were previously concerned about the lack of secure storage options for crypto.

How to Buy Gold with Crypto

Many family office crypto holdings are kept in Swiss crypto cold storage vaults.  Additionally, many family office gold holdings are kept in Swiss gold vault storage fees. Given the nature of these two quasi currencies, and their desirability as wealth preservers, VAULTALP offers its client the ability to directly buy gold with crypto. We offer a direct two-way exchange for gold and cryptocurrencies that enables our clients to trade completely outside of the banking system across international borders. Get in touch now so find out how we can help you preserve your wealth.

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