Why Bitcoin Investors Should Buy Gold with Bitcoin

With the recent astronomical rise in the bitcoin price many investors are sitting on very healthy gains and are wondering how to preserve their new found wealth.  In this article we will explain why bitcoin investors can protect their wealth and buy gold with bitcoin.

Wealth Creation with Bitcoin, Wealth Preservation with Gold

The extreme volatility in the bitcoin price since summer 2020 has surprised even the most ardent of bitcoin bulls. Going from less than $10,000 to over $60,000 in just a few months left many investors with sizeable gains in their portfolios. Week after week there has been bullish news in the bitcoin space, from the world’s biggest banks offering bitcoin to their clients, Coinbase going public, the list goes on.  More and more institutional investors have also moved into bitcoin mainly due to crypto cold storage services now being available. Now however bitcoin is in a consolidation phase, and investors are thinking of how to protect their gains.

Buy Gold with Bitcoin to Protect Your Wealth

In 2017 the bitcoin price peaked at almost $19,000, but in less than a month lost half its value.  From there the crypto winter continued until bottoming out at the start of 2019 at just over $3,000. These corrections are typical of bitcoin, yet investors don’t have to sit by and watch their portfolios decrease in value. During the same time frame the price of gold remained steady, hovering around the $1,200 mark. This lack of volatility is what has attracted many bitcoin investors to buy gold with bitcoin in past bear markets. Acting as a hedge against losses in bitcoin, gold is the perfect method to preserve your wealth.

How Can I Buy Gold with Bitcoin?

VAULTALP offers its clients a direct exchange from bitcoin to gold. You can buy gold with bitcoin easily with VAULTALP. You can buy investment grade LBMA 9999 bullion direct from the Swiss refineries using bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and many other cryptos. Your gold bars are fully segregated physical gold bars with serial numbers registered to your account. They can be stored in our ultra-secure Swiss gold vault, and are fully audited by one of the biggest audit companies in the world. VAULTALP is a fully regulated Swiss financial intermediary authorised to provide sales, storage and exchange for gold and cryptocurrencies. Preserve your wealth now and buy gold with bitcoin today!

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