Buy Gold with Bitcoin

Buy Gold with Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. Sell it back to us for payment in crypto.


Buy Gold with Bitcoin

Buy Gold with Bitcoin with VAULTALP.  Buy LBMA 9999 bullion bars direct from Swiss refineries.  You can sell your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and others for investment grade gold bars, stored in our fully insured, ultra-secure vault in Switzerland, or chose to have them delivered globally with full insurance.  Physical gold bars with serial numbers registered to your account.  Fully audited and tax free!  Buy Gold with Bitcoin with VAULTALP.


Vault Alp features

Why Should I Buy Gold with Bitcoin?

Wealth creation with Bitcoin, wealth preservation with Gold.  The extreme volatility in the Bitcoin price since 2020 has surprised even the most ardent of Bitcoin bulls.  Going from less than $10,000 to over $60,000 and back down to $17,000 left some investors with sizeable gains, but preserving your wealth requires a different approach.  During the same time frame the price of gold remained comparatively steady.  This lack of volatility is what has attracted many Bitcoin investors to buy gold with Bitcoin.  Acting as a hedge against losses in Bitcoin, gold is the perfect method to preserve your wealth.

Vault Alp features

Ultra-Secure Alpine Gold Vault with Full Insurance and Fully Segregated Client Accounts.

If I Buy Gold with Bitcoin, where can I store it?

Switzerland is the number one global destination for offshore wealth.  A long history of political stability and a respect for individual property rights and privacy have attracted many investors to store their assets in the Alpine country.

With VAULTALP, if you buy gold with Bitcoin, you can store it in our ultra-secure vault with full insurance.  Your gold bars will be stored separately from other client’s gold bars and each bar serial number will be registered to your account.  You can take delivery of your gold bars at any time, or sell them back to us for payment in fiat money or cryptocurrencies.

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Sell Your old Gold for Bitcoin

VAULTALP is the first and only company in the world that offers clients the opportunity to buy Bitcoin with Gold.  Many companies have been offering to trade in the other direction, but we are unique in that we can also accept physical gold deposits and offer a price in Bitcoin.   We can arrange for your gold to be delivered to our secure facility with armoured transport.  Please contact us for details.

Buy gold with bitcoin
Segregated Vault Storage

Gold Bar Delivery

Your gold bars can be delivered directly at the point of purchase or after you have been storing them in our vault for some time.  Delivery is handled by our trusted partner UPS and will be delivered very discretely with no mention of the contents on the box.

For larger quantities, armoured transport can be arranged with Brinks for delivery to other vaults and banks.

Segregated VAULT Storage

Gold Wealth Preservation

For thousands of years gold has been the primary asset for long term wealth preservation. Today an ounce of gold buys the same quantity of goods as it did 2,000 years ago. The USD on the other hand has lost over 95% of its purchasing power in the last century.

Historically the average life-span of a fiat currency is 115 years. Given the massive expansion of the Federal Reserve balance sheet in recent times, we can only wonder how long it will take the once mighty USD to explode into hyperinflation before finally collapsing for good.

Trading and Storage Fees

Why Physical Gold Bars and Not an ETF?

Owning fully segregated physical gold bars in secure vault storage in a stable jurisdiction is the most secure way to own gold.

ETFs may offer an easy way to invest in gold, but for long term wealth preservation the form in which you hold your gold will be of the upmost importance. ETFs do not offer physical gold storage, more likely part ownership of a larger gold bar that is co-owned by hundreds of other individuals and institutions.

If and when the global economy explodes into hyperinflation, how difficult might it be to claim ownership of your gold in such a situation!  With this in mind, owning fully segregated gold bars with each bar serial number registered to your account, gives ultimate peace of mind in even the direst of economic circumstances.

buy gold with bitcoin

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