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VAULTALP - Buy gold in Switzerland

VAULTALP exists to preserve the wealth of our clients outside of the banking system in ultra-secure alpine vaults.

We offer services that allow our clients to buy and store gold, buy and store bitcoin, and also exchange gold and bitcoin, all under Swiss jurisdiction.

We are a fully regulated, privately owned Swiss company based in Geneva. We offer the latest technologies and services to clients who desire a discrete, efficient way to store gold and cryptocurrencies outside of the banking system. We also offer a unique exchange, giving customers the ability to pay in one currency and withdraw in the other.

Segregated VAULT Storage

Our focus comes from a distrust of central banks and a belief in a financial freedom that isn’t associated with fiat money. Gresham’s Law states “bad money drives good money out of circulation”, and we want to ensure our customers “good money” is well protected.

We are constantly embracing the newest technologies and the safest environments to preserve your wealth, now and for the future.

Vault Alp features
VAULTALP - Buy gold in Switzerland

Buy Gold and Bitcoin in Switzerland

Switzerland is the premier global destination for offshore wealth. With over $3 trillion in offshore assets, the stable political system, strong economy, and respect for property rights means investors see Switzerland as the ultimate destination for their offshore wealth.

If you would like to buy gold bars in Switzerland or store your gold in a Swiss gold safe, VAULTALP offers Swiss gold vault storage enabling you to store gold in Switzerland outside of the banking system in a privately held Swiss gold vault. We source our gold bars directly from the large Swiss refineries, ensuring they are LBMA approved with 9999 fineness. The price we offer is always very competitive, based on the live gold price in Switzerland. Swiss wealth preservation has an excellent reputation, so if you wish to store physical gold in Switzerland you can take advantage of Switzerland gold vault storage with VAULTALP.

Additionally many investors are now looking toward bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to diversify their portfolios. Should you wish to buy cryptocurrency in Switzerland, VAULTALP offers direct access to the institutional markets with very low fees and institutional grade crypto cold storage is also amongst our offerings.

VAULTALP - Buy gold in Switzerland

Buy gold with bitcoin, buy bitcoin with gold

VAULTALP offers a unique service allowing our clients to buy gold with crypto or buy crypto with gold. This service ensures our clients pay less in fees than if they went through the traditional process of selling their gold to a broker for fiat, then using that fiat to buy crypto via a different broker. VAULTALP offers all that under one roof with a direct two-way exchange between gold and crypto.

VAULTALP - Buy gold in Switzerland

Physical gold benefits over paper gold

Although it is easy to invest in gold, one should carefully examine the small print. For example, if you buy XAU on an online exchange, it is highly likely that you do not actually own any physical gold. If you buy “allocated” gold it likely means you own gold, but only part of a large bar that is co-owned amongst you and many other people. Given this, one should easily come to the conclusion that owning fully segregated physical gold bars is the superior solution. With each bar serial number registered to each individual client, full title and ownership are absolutely clear.

If you wish to buy gold bars and store them in a Swiss gold safe, VAULTALP can help. We enable our clients to buy physical gold and store their gold in ultra-secure vaults in strategic global locations.

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Bitcoin cold storage benefits

Since its inception, bitcoin exchanges have suffered many high-profile security breaches. Although bitcoin is in itself immutable, the exchanges on which it was stored were not, and were in fact sometimes accessible to criminals with malintent.

Now, however crypto cold storage allows cryptocurrencies to be stored offline in ultra-secure vaults. Essentially this makes it impossible for outside parties to access the assets via the internet. With offline hardware wallets now available, institutional investors are moving into the crypto space en masse, with some listed companies now using bitcoin held in cold storage as their reserve asset. By having a fully segregated offline cold wallet, investors can now rest assured that offline crypto wallets complement the immutability of bitcoin itself.

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Segregated Vault Storage

Wealth preservation for the digital age

Gold investment has long served as the primary method for long term wealth preservation. Gold wealth preservation has proven itself over thousands as years, as gold now has the same purchasing power as it did 2,000 years, whereas the US Dollar has lost almost all its value over the last 100 years.

Now however many investors are turning to bitcoin for their wealth management. Although the new currency is certainly more volatile than gold, it nevertheless offers an opportunity for portfolio diversification. With only 21 million bitcoins ever to be mined, there is certainly so few bitcoins ever to exist, that each millionaire in the world will not be able to own one bitcoin each!

Our clients range from private individuals through to institutional investors

Our clients range from private investors through to family offices and other institutions. Family office gold investment often forms the base of a family’s long term wealth. Private gold safes such as the VAULTALP safes in Geneva, Singapore, and Hong Kong are the ideal location for HNWI and families to store their gold investments. Jurisdictional diversification, with respect for property rights and privacy is absolutely key.

In addition, with the advent of crypto cold storage, we now see family office crypto investments becoming more and more common. Cold storage has brought institutional grade security to the crypto market, and consequently more and more high profile companies are moving into this space.

The benefits of cryptocurrency investment

VAULTLAP offers fully regulated crypto trading via our OTC desk with access to institutional brokers and exchange trading desks. Bitcoin trading is carried out by our experienced team with orders being taken by phone, chat and email. We offer various cryptocurrencies via our crypto exchange, including BTC, ETH, XRP, USDC and physical gold.


Should you wish to buy or sell gold or crypto you can rest assured we will always be available to take your orders. It doesn’t matter where you are located


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