Crypto vs Gold. Do younger people prefer crypto?

A recent survey conducted by Migros Bank in Switzerland has turned up some interesting results and offers some insight into the ongoing debate over crypto versus gold.

The survey results show that with all age groups combined, almost 5% of the Swiss population has invested in cryptocurrencies, and slightly more than 5% in physical gold. Gold is winning so far.

However, the results get very interesting when the age groups are broken out. The survey shows that more than 7% of 18 to 29 year-olds have invested in crypto, while physical gold is only 5%. In the 30 to 55 age group, more than 7% invested in crypto, and 6% in physical gold. As for the over 55s however, they clearly favour gold: 5% of those questioned have invested in bullion or coins, and less than 1% in cryptocurrencies.

So, Crypto vs Gold?

The results are clear, crypto is favoured by the younger generation, and gold by the older generation. However, as the younger generation matures alongside crypto, we should ask ourselves what this will mean for preferences in stores of wealth in the coming years.

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Lee Fuller, WordPress Developer, UK