Wealth preservation
for the digital age

VAULTALP offers a new concept in wealth preservation. We are a Swiss crypto and gold trading company providing fully regulated, ultra-secure sales, storage and exchange for gold and cryptocurrencies in strategic global locations.


We exist to preserve the wealth of our clients outside of the traditional banking system. Our unique offering is guided by our belief in a financial freedom not associated with fiat money.

We pride ourselves on delivering an efficient, personal service that is both safe and secure. Our Swiss gold vault storage service allows our customers to easily buy and store gold, sell with guaranteed liquidity, and exchange gold and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, our Swiss crypto cold storage service offers fully regulated physical and digital secure storage for private keys. If you are looking to preserve your wealth, we have the solution for you.

One clear focus,
four unique services

We are a Swiss crypto and gold trading company in business to help protect the wealth of our customers.  We offer ultra-secure sales, storage and exchange for gold and cryptocurrencies.


Our trusted buying process allows you to purchase fully segregated gold and cryptocurrencies at the best market prices.

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We store gold and cryptocurrency assets in institutional-grade vaults, outside of the traditional banking system with absolute privacy and security.

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We give you the flexibility to exchange cryptocurrencies for gold or vice versa, with personal pickup or discrete delivery offered.

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We provide a service that will allow you to sell gold and cryptocurrencies to us with guaranteed liquidity.

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Wealth preservation
tailored for you

Family Office

VAULTALP offers family offices discrete management services for gold and crypto storage, exceeding the high standard expected from our clients. Our family office gold and family office crypto services are fully regulated.

Hedge Funds

VAULTALP provides an industry leading solution for hedge funds looking for exposure to gold or crypto.

Early Adopters

VAULTALP offers early adopters hyper secure cold storage for their crypto holdings in Switzerland. Our Swiss crypto cold storage service is fully regulated.


VAULTALP provides end to end seamless execution for HNWI who wish to store fully segregated physical gold bars and cryptocurrencies in ultra-secure vaults in key global locations. Our gold wealth preservation service provides fully regulated segregated gold storage for HNWI gold investors.

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Discretion and personal
service guaranteed

Good business is built on relationships and our unique set up gives you access to our directors. You will always have one point of contact and one person assigned to your account, ensuring a personal service every time.

Speak to one of our directors now, just click the button below and arrange a time that suits you.

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Fully regulated and
fiercely independent

We are an officially regulated, privately held company working outside of the banking system, offering storage solutions in the safest, most discrete vaults in the world. We offer the latest technologies and services to clients who desire a personal, efficient way to preserve their wealth.




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